About Plandroid®

Plandroid is a design and quoting tool for professionals in the air conditioning industry. It is specifically designed to make it easy and efficient to design a retrofitted ducted air conditioning system and to generate quotes from the design. A design can be created or modified in front of a customer to get the right system at the right price to satisfy their needs.

Plandroid supports both domestic and commercial design work, with any combination of flexible and rigid ducting.

It is so easy to modify a design in Plandroid that you can quickly set up your own design templates, and reuse previous designs on new jobs with a minimum of rework.

See the Plandroid Overview Video:


Plandroid's features include:

Are You a Supplier?

Parts or units suppliers can provide their customers with a Plandroid licence that restricts use of the program to their own catalogue. Suppliers can then subsidise their customers to design and order from their product range only.

About DelftRed Simulation Technology

At DelftRed Simulation Technology we believe that the world can be a better place. We believe that technology can be simple. We believe that improvement can be a way of life. Our products help people like you to do your job in the best way possible, by creating the right tools with the right technology for the right problem. We strive hard to be the best we can be, so that you, too, can be your best.

DelftRed has more than fifteen years experience working on the leading edge of computer simulations, focussed on engineering applications. Our expertise covers explicit finite element simulation, biomechanics and biomechanical simulation, air conditioning simulation, and graphical user interface design.