Plandroid Help Documentation

You can check the Plandroid licence prices and buy a licence on the Plandroid website: Just register as a customer to create an account, login, and follow the links to buy a licence. There are discounts available for purchasing multiple licences for a single site, for renewing your licences, and for buying licences for multiple years.

A licence is a subscription for one or 3 years, and is specific to the ID on one of your computer drives. Go to the menu item Help -> Licensing Info to see the available drives on your machine, and copy the identifier you wish to use and paste it into the buy licence web page Computer ID field. (Again, you will need to register as a customer on our website first.)

Alternatively, you can select a drive and press the Email Licence Request button as shown below, and your computer ID will be emailed to us directly. Once you have made a purchase, we can email a licence back to you.

Licence Information Request Licence

(If you do not have a default email program set up on your computer, you can instead press the Copy IDs button, and then paste the IDs (with the keyboard shortcut [Ctrl] + V) into an email to us using your favourite email program).

A USB stick will also appear as a drive if it has a serial number, so you may even be able to make your licence portable. However, serial numbers do not appear on all USB devices, so this will only work if you are using a USB sick that has one.

Installing Your Licence

Once you have purchased your licence, you will receive a digitally signed licence file as an attachment to an email which you need to save and import into the program. You can do this using the menu item Import -> Licence, or by opening the Help -> Licensing Info dialog box, and pressing the "Import Licence" button and navigating to where you saved your licence, or simply by dragging and dropping the licence file into the program window or the Licensing Information dialog box.

Licence Information Import Licence

Your licence will now be activated.

Note that swapping or formatting your hard drives may change your drive ID, and therefore invalidate your licence.

Transferring a Licence

If you need to transfer your licence from one machine to another, please contact support at to make arrangements with us. If you are moving to a new machine, you can transfer your current program settings to your new machine easily with the menu item Tools -> Program Settings -> Export on the old machine, and Tools -> Program Settings -> Import on the new machine.

Locked Licences

Plandroid supports a licence mechanism whereby the program can be locked so that it can only use parts catalogs from one or more specified suppliers. Parts and units catalogs are locked separately. For example, a licence may restrict the parts catalogs you can use, but allow you to use any of the available units catalogs, or vice-versa. The Licensing Info dialog will report any locks on your licence.

All generic catalogs can still be read with a locked licence.

Lite Licences

Plandroid has different licensing modules, including a Lite (restricted) version. A lite licence does not allow access to the Costing or Report tabs, to the advanced image editing functions in the Design -> Plan tab, to the automatic ordering functions, or to any of the advanced design tools, such as the Automatic Design tool, the Check Design tool, the Show Zones Table tool, the Solve Airflows tool, or the Auto-size Ducts tool. A lite licence is also limited to a single floor plan level, cannot upload take-offs to the cloud, and is restricted to only using the generic catalogs.

Licence Diagnostics

If for any reason you are having a licensing problem, you can press and hold the [Alt] key, and the Email Lic Request button will change to an Email Diagnostics button. Press this button to create a diagnostic email that you can send to our support team to help identify your problem.

Removing All Licences

If you are transferring you licence to another machine, for example, and you need to remove all licences from the current machine, you can likewise hold down the [Alt] key, and the Import Licence button will change to an Remove Licences button. Press this button to remove all of your licences from the current machine.

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