Plandroid Help Documentation

Plandroid supports running simple database searches plus record editing on the customer database directly from the Customer page. However, with some (not insignificant) technical knowledge, it is possible to run much more sophisticated queries against the customer database. For example, you may wish to know which customer records have a Status of Service and a Due date which falls in the coming month so you can plan your service calls. You can query your database to answer this, or any similar question about your data that you have.

To do this you can open your customer database in any SQL-compliant database editing tool. Alternatively, you can download a free command-line program for accessing and modifying SQLite databases from the SQLite site: This site also has introductory documentation on SQL commands, as does Wikipedia.

Your customer database will by default (on Windows 10) be located in the directory: C:\ProgramData\DelftRed\Plandroid\Database. The location of your Program Data / Application Data directory may vary depending on your computer settings and your operating system version.

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