Plandroid Help Documentation

Plandroid runs well on Mac computers using the Parallels virtualization software. This software creates a virtual machine for Intel x86-compatible computers, which allows the Mac computer to run Microsoft Windows, which is the required operating system for Plandroid.

A virtual machine solution means you can run Windows programs at the same time as running Mac OS X, so you don't need to shut down your Mac computer, as is required for a dual-boot solution.

Parallels is commercial software that can be purchased for a reasonable price. You will also need to have a Microsoft Windows licence to run Windows under Parallels.

Note that it is best to configure the Parallels keyboard behaviour so that it is "optimised for games". This will allow the modifier keys ([Ctrl], [Alt], [Shift]), which are heavily used by Plandroid, to work correctly. For full details please see the relevant Parallels knowledge base article.

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